Acetic Acid Supplier in Kuwait

Stellar Exports are the leading Acetic Acid manufacturers in Kuwait and based in the UAE. We have served different industries and sectors globally, namely personal care, Agriculture, lubricants, coating Markets, marine industry, Metal and chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and household applications. It, systematically known as ethonic acid, is colourless and has a pungent taste. It is an organic compound. Its chemical formula is CH3C00H, which can also be written as CH3C02H, HC2H302 or C2H402.

As a trusted and reputed Acetic Acid supplier in Kuwait, we comply with the highest level of quality standards. We manufacture this compound under stringent environmental, safety, and health standards.

Acetic Acid Manufacturer

The Acetic Acid Chemical Applications Are as Follows:

  • Acetic Anhydride
  • Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM)
  • Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA)
  • Monochloro Acetic Acid
  • Acetates
  • Diketene Derivatives

Quality Assurance and Support

  • FSSAI License
  • Halal Certification
  • Kosher Certification
  • IS0 9001 Certification

Acetic Acid Description

The Acetic Acid exporters offer this versatile compound at feasible prices. When it is diluted with water, it is known as Glacial Acetic Acid. We provide Acetic Acid of 99.85 min by wt and colour of 10 APHA max. It is odourless and has a distinctive sour and pungent taste. It is the simplest carboxylic acid and is an essential component for producing cellulose acetate for photo vinyl for wood glue, photographic film, synthetic fabrics, and fibres.

Our product is formulated by our expert team of chemical engineers using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. These acids are of superior quality and are tested by our experts to ensure precise composition.

  • Long Shelf Life
  • Accurate pH Level viz 2.4
  • Precise Chemical Fermentation
  • A Freezing Point of 16.40C is Suitable for Manufacturing Processes
  • Highly Soluble

Acetic Acid Applications

It is a versatile chemical compound with wide applications in different industries. As the leading Acetic Acid suppliers, we take pride in offering high-grade product that meets global standards. It is a multi-purpose chemical that is used for various applications.

  • Textile Processing

    The textile industry uses this compound for various processes. It serves as a vital component in the dyeing process, as it helps fix colours into the fabrics and enhances colour fastness. It also serves as a pH regulator in the printing and finishing stages to ensure optimal conditions for desired results.

  • Pharmaceutical Applications

    It is used for drug production and laboratory procedures. It also serves as a solvent for extracting active pharmaceutical ingredients and plays a significant role in forming stable formulations. Furthermore, it is used in the synthesis of drugs like aspirin and acetaminophen.

  • Food Industry

    The Glacial Acetic Acid producers play an important role in the food industry. It is used as a preservative, pH regulator and flavouring agent. Its unique antimicrobial properties make it ideal for preservation and condiments to ensure a prolonged shelf life.

  • Cleaning and Disinfectant Application

    It has been used in industries like hospitality, healthcare and janitorial services for its efficacy and safety. It is a better alternative to harsh chemicals as it aligns with the growing demands for Eco-friendly solutions.

Why Choose the Leading Acetic Acid Exporters?

With an unwavering commitment to quality, extensive expertise and a reputation for reliability, Stellar Exports has itself as the go-to Acetic Acid manufacturer in Kuwait based in Gujarat and UAE. We offer an array of products that is superior in terms of purity and accurate formulation as price.

  • High-quality Production

    Our State-of-the-Art manufacturing facilities adhere to strict quality standards to ensure the compound is of the highest purity and consistency.

  • Reliable Supply

    As a trusted Acetic Acid seller, we have a robust supply chain and a well-established distribution network. We guarantee prompt delivery to our cherished customers globally and meet their unique demands efficiently.

  • Competitive Prices

    We strive to offer cost-effective solutions while emphasising top-quality products. Our competitive pricing structure makes us the ideal choice for businesses looking for high-quality products at the best prices.

  • Tailored Solutions

    We understand the different and unique requirements of diverse industries. This is why we offer customized solutions to meet specific needs. Our technical expertise allows us to develop this product to meet diverse requirements.

  • Compliance with international Trade Regulations

    To export this product companies need to comply with various trade regulations. Stellar Exports has an in-depth understanding of these regulations and ensures full compliance with regulations for all our export operations. By following this regulation and maintaining proper documents, we ensure a hassle-free export experience for our customers.


Acetic Acid or Ethanoic Acid is a byproduct of fermentation. It offers vinegar its characteristic pungent odour. Vinegar itself is 4 %to 6 % acetic in water. The industrial processes use Glacial Acetic Acid with no traces of water. It is used to manufacture acetic esters, cellulose acetate, vinyl acetate, textile processing, etc.

It is called Glacial Acetic Acid, as it is water-free and has a high melting point, so ice-like crystals are formed at temperatures under 620C.

It has a wide spectrum of applications. Our product has various applications in various industries. It is commonly used as a preservative solvent and flavour enhancer in the food industry. It is used as a chemical intermediate in the manufacturing processes of textiles, printing, adhesives, etc.

It is produced using the methanol carbonylation process or ethanol fermentation. During the methanol carbonylation process, methanol reacts with carbon monoxide in the company of a catalyst to form this compound. In the fermentation process, the bacteria convert ethanol into Acetic Acid.

The Acetic Acid manufacturing company suggests storing it separately in a cool and ventilated area. The contents should be tightly sealed until ready to be used. It should be kept away from all flammable sources.