Acetone Supplier in Russia

Stellar Exports is a prominent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Acetone in Russia and based in the UAE. Our superior-quality Acetone is processed using standard-quality chemical compositions and progressive techniques. We ensure our chemical compounds are precisely tested on the preset quality parameters to determine their purity. We offer high-quality Acetone available in technical and specialty grades. With an advanced manufacturing facility and hi-tech equipment, we ensure that our Anetone grades meet customers' precise specifications and requirements domestically and globally.

As Russia's leading Acetone manufacturer and supplier, we cater to requirements with competitive pricing, precise concentration, application-based customizations, prompt delivery, and exceptional support services. Over the years, we have offered our versatile, high-performing, precisely formulated chemical compounds and minerals-based products to various industries worldwide. Our high-purity Acetone grade is used in multiple sectors such as construction, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive, paints and coating, agriculture, plastic and rubber, and others for diverse applications. To learn more about the technical and commercial aspects of our Acetone, mail us at

Acetic Acid Manufacturer

Product Description

Acetone or propane is an organic chemical compound with formula (CH3)2CO. It is a colourless, highly volatile, and flammable chemical. It has a pungent odour, a crucial element in organic chemistry. We provide technical grade and specialty grade Acetone 99.9%, composed with accurate pH levels and highly effective. We provide superior-grade Acetone in different technical specifications with various packaging options at competitive prices. Our Acetone has excellent solvent properties and utmost precision. It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paint and coating, agriculture, etc.

As an Acetone supplier in Russia, our acetone exhibits exceptional fast evaporation and strong solvency abilities, making it an ideal choice for removing and dissolving adhesives, paints, oils, and grease. Its versatility extends beyond just industry uses and is extensively used in household applications such as nail polish removers and superglue removers. Our high-purity Acetone exhibits unmatched quality and performance.

Key Features of Acetone

  • It is highly solvent in a wide range of substances such as plastics, synthetic fibers, and resins, making it an ideal choice in adhesives, paints, and coatings.
  • It has a fast evaporation rate, leaving no residue behind, making it desirable in applications where fast-drying solvent is needed, like nail polish removers and grease removers.
  • It is non-toxic and totally safe when used correctly.
  • Unlike other organic compounds, it is highly stable in the environment.

Applications of Acetone

Stellar Exports is a trusted and reliable Acetone manufacturer and supplier in Russia. Our highly versatile and high-purity acetone has diverse applications in different industries. We ensure high-quality Acetone range production and cater to the growing demands. Here are some some of the prominent applications of Acetone:

  • Industrial Solvent

    Our superior quality Acetone serves as a powerful solvent that is used in industries such as paints and coating, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals. It effectively dissolves in substances such as oil and resins and vanishes.

  • Paint and Coatings

    The Acetone manufacturers serve the paint and coating industries to improve viscosity, enhance drying time, and dissolve the resin. Additionally, it is also used as a paint thinner to dissolve and remove paint.

  • Pharmaceutical

    It is widely used as a solvent for active ingredients and formulations in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Plastic Manufacturing

    It is used to dissolve and synthesize raw material to form refined products such as polymers, acrylic plastics, and polycarbonates.

  • Cleaning Agent

    It serves as a powerful degreasing and cleaning agent. It is highly effective in removing grease, oil, and residues from industrial or household surfaces.

Why choose the leading Acetone exporters?

With years of extensive industry experience and expertise, we can serve our cherished customers with superior-quality chemical compounds and mineral-based products used as raw materials in various industries. Our technical grade and specialty grade acetone are widely used and appreciated for their high purity, precise composition, and solvency properties.

  • Rich Industry Experience

    With years of experience, we have cemented ourselves as the largest Acetone manufacturers and exporters in Russia. We prioritize stringent quality control measures to ensure reliable, high purity, precisely formulated, and superior quality Acetone range.

  • Competitive Prices

    We strive to optimize production costs and economies of scale that allow us to offer our range of Acetone at competitive prices without compromising quality and offer a cost-effective solution to our customers globally.

  • Environmental and Safety Practices

    We are fully committed to environmental sustainability and safety in all our operations. We strive to use eco-friendly techniques and safe waste disposal and ensure secure handling and transportation of Acetone to ensure minimum environmental impact.

  • Technical Support

    We offer technical support and assistance to our valued customers with the application and handling of Acetone. We provide guidance on optimizing the use of Acetone in specific applications.

  • Application-based Formulation

    We offer customization in terms of formulation, enhanced purity, modified solvent strength, and specific properties to meet particular applications.


Acetone is an organic chemical compound with formula (CH3)2CO. It is a colourless, highly volatile, and flammable compound used in various industrial applications. It is a simple and common ketone used as a solvent in paints and coatings, cosmetics, chemical synthesis,etc.

The Acetone sellers offer their Acetone range to various industries for diverse applications. It is widely used in nail polish removers, paint thinners, plastics, and synthetic fibers. A cleaning agent is also used to remove oil and grease from surfaces. Additionally, it is also used in cellulose acetate films, photography films, plate casting, and various cosmetic products.

Yes. Acetone is known to be highly flammable. It has a flash point and should be kept away from flames and flammable items.

The Acetone Manufacturers in Russia recommend storing Acetone in a cool and well-ventilated place. It must be kept in a tight container away from heat sources and flammable objects.

No. Acetone is a key ingredient in nail polish removers, but various nail polish removers contain Acetone. It is widely used in nail polish removers and paint removers