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Stellar Exports is a prominent Calcium Chloride manufacturer and supplier in Cambodia and based in the UAE. We are committed to providing our valued clients with a superior, high-performance range of Calcium Chloride. We ensure consistent quality in all our batches of Calcium Chloride. We employ advanced manufacturing processes to ensure high purity and quality. With our state-of-the-art facilities and the expertise of our team, we offer Calcium Chloride in various forms like pallets, flakes, powder, liquid and crystals. Our core focus has always been customer satisfaction, so we strive to deliver chemicals that exceed your expectations and suit your specific applications.

We adhere to strict quality control measures throughout manufacturing to ensure our grade meets the set industry standards. Our dedicated team of experts offers exceptional support and technical assistance to ensure you get the right product for specific applications. Over the years, we have gained immense acknowledgement and appreciation from our clients all domestically as well as internationally for our innovation, superior quality products and excellent customer service. So whether you need Calcium Chloride for ice melting, oil drilling, water treatment or pharmaceutical applications, To learn more about the technical and commercial aspects of our range of Calcium Chloride, mail us at

Calcium Chloride Manufacturer

Product Description

Calcium Chloride is a highly versatile chemical compound with the chemical formula CaCI2. It is a white crystalline salt which is highly soluble in water. It has a slight white to off-white colour with a balanced pH level. It serves as a desiccant as it has an excellent ability to absorb moisture from the air. It is extensively used in applications such as food processing, de-icing, water treatment, concrete accelerator, drilling fluids, plastic manufacturing and much more.

We offer technical, food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and laboratory grades. With our Calcium Chloride products, you are assured of exceptional quality, high purity and performance across a wide range of products.

As trusted Calcium Chloride seller in Cambodia, our chemicals are formulated under the stern guidance of our dedicated team, which has rich expertise and employs superior-quality raw materials to ensure top-grade products.

Key Features of Calcium Chloride

  • It exhibits excellent hygroscopic properties, making it a strong affinity for moisture.
  • It has a high melting point and has the ability to generate heat when blended with water, which makes it ideal for de-icing and anti-freezing solutions.
  • It is highly soluble in water, making it readily dissolve and perfect for water treatments and applications where calcium hardnesses and corrosion control are needed.
  • It serves as a deicing agent as it lowers the freezing point of water and prevents refreezing.

Applications of Calcium Chloride

  • De-icing Agent

    It is widely used as a de-icing agent to clear ice and snow from roads, sidewalks and parking areas. Calcium Chloride reduces the freezing point of water, allowing the ice to melt and preventing it from refreezing, improving driving conditions and safer walking.

  • Construction Applications

    It is used in dusty environments like contruction sites and unpaved roads to control and suppress dust. It attracts moisture from the air, minimizing the airborne particles and reducing the overall dust levels.

  • Food & Beverages Processings

    Our company also serves the food and beverages industry with top-quality Calcium Chloride. It works as a food additive, enhancing the firmness of fruits and vegetables during processing. It is used in pickles, canned fruits and cheeses.

  • Industrial Processes

    It is widely used in various industrial processes like water treatment, drilling fluids, rubber and paper manufacturing and others. It is used to adjust the pH levels, eliminate impurities and enhance viscosity in specific applications.

Why Choose the Leading Calcium Chloride Exporters?

At Stellar Exports, we are engaged in providing exceptional quality Calcium Chloride that is precisely formulated, has an accurate pH level and has a long shelf life. Our highly versatile product plays a pivotal role in various sectors across the world. We continue to serve industries worldwide to ensure a steady supply and add value to products and processes.

  • Industry Leaders

    Our product is highly versatile with several applications like de-icing, oil and gas operations, dust control, water treatment, food and beverage processing and much more. Our highly skilled teams possess extensive knowledge and expertise to cater to diverse needs.

  • Quality Assurance

    As renowned suppliers of Calcium Chloride, we ensure our chemicals are of the highest quality. We adhere to strict manufacturing standards and employ advanced technology to produce pure and reliable chemical-based products. Additionally, our team conducts rigorous quality control checks to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of our chemicals.

  • Application-specific Customizations

    Our years of experience and in-depth industry enable us to cater to diverse applications of various industries. We offer customization in terms of formulations, composition and purity.

  • Catering to Diverse Needs

    We provide different packaging options to accommodate the different needs of clients. So whether it is a bulk order or smaller quantities, we strive to meet the unique requirements of our valued clients.


Calcium Chloride is a highly versatile chemical compound with the chemical formula CaCI2. It is a white crystalline compound that is highly soluble in water. It is a salt composed of chlorine and and finds applications in various industrial and household applications.

Stellar Exports serve various industries with diverse requirements. It is widely used to de-ice roads and pathwalks in the cooler regions and control dust on unpaved surfaces; it is also used as a food additive, drilling fluid, desiccant agent to absorb moisture and other uses.

Stellar Exports is a leading Calcium Chloride manufacturers in Cambodia. We offer Calcium Chloride in various forms like flakes, powder, crystals, pellets and liquid solutions. To know more about the technical specifications and other details, call us at

It should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place away from incompatible materials. It must be stored in air-tight containers to prevent clumping and degradations, ensure effectiveness, and prolong shelf life.

It is crucial to follow the manufacturers instructions while working with it. It is vital to wear safety gear like gloves, mask and eye wear while handling and working with Calcium Chloride and avoid inhalation and direct contact with the skin.