Diatomaceous Earth Supplier in Uzbekistan

Stellar Exports is a leading Manufacturer of high-quality Diatomaceous Earth grades catering to a broad range of industrial and agricultural requirements. We offer diverse Diatomaceous Earth products, including food grade, industrial grade, Agricultural grade, feed grade, pool grade and other variations. We provide these white, light yellow and off-white products for diverse applications in different industries.

As a reliable Diatomaceous Earth supplier in Uzbekistan and based in the Uzbekistan, these grade chemicals are processed using accurate and precise materials acquired by our trusted vendors. At our modern manufacturing facility, we ensure the production of high-purity and premium-quality Diatomaceous Earth, meeting the highest quality standards. We serve various industries globally, whether it is agriculture, filtration, cosmetics, pest control, paper industry, etc. Our Diatomaceous Earth is versatile and customised as per your specific applications.

Diatomaceous Earth Manufacturer

Product Description

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring soft, siliceous sedimentary rock comprising fossiled remains of aquatic organisms known as Diatoms. Stellar Exports provides the finest quality of Diatomaceous Earth in Granules and powdered form. We are renowned worldwide as a trusted Diatomaceous Earth seller for its high purity and precisely formulated Diatomaceous Earth. It is non-toxic and has high porosity, comprised of small microscopic holes, making it perfect for filtration. Diatomaceous Earth is available in different commercial forms like calcinated, granules and powered (Milled or Microscopic particles). The Diatomaceous Earth manufacturing company in Uzbekistan is highly demanded Globally for its products with key features such as:

Key Features of Diatomaceous Earth

  • It has low density and high porosity.
  • It is chemically inert, meaning it does not react with other binders.
  • It has abrasive and insulation resistance properties.
  • It is a natural and Eco-friendly solution.
  • It has excellent absorption properties.
  • It has a high surface area and high brightness.

Applications of Diatomaceous Earth

At Stellar Exports, we take pride in serving various industries and sectors with DE that has exceptional characteristics, making it highly versatile in diverse applications. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as the largest Diatomaceous Earth manufacturer Uzbekistan. Our team of skilled experts ensures that every batch of DE has precise composition and purity to meet the industry standards. We are committed to providing superior quality Diatomaceous for your specific requirements.

  • Pest Control

    DE is used as an insecticide and natural pest control agent. Its sharp edges penetrate a waxy layer of lipids on insects, effectively dehydrating them and killing them. It works great against ants, bugs, crickets, ticks, fleas and other pests.

  • Agriculture

    It can significantly benefit water and soil's physical, chemical and biological processes. DE can be used as a natural soil amendment to improve the soil’s water retention and enhance nutrient absorption.

  • Paint and Coating

    It is chemically inert, making it non-reactive to pigments and other binders used in water-based coating. DE absorbive ability enhances the permeability so the paint dries quickly and uniformly.

  • Cosmetic and Personal Care

    It is used in personal care and cosmetic products like facial scrubs, toothpaste, body powder and other products. It is used as a natural option to artificial elements.

  • Filtration

    Various Industries rely on Diatomaceous Earth Exporters for filtration applications. DE is widely used in filtration systems as its high porosity and microscopic structure make it ideal for filtering water, oil, beverages and others to ensure the product is of the highest quality.

Why choose the leading Diatomaceous Earth exporters?

When it comes to choosing a Diatomaceous Manufacturer, it is crucial to choose the industry leader for the highest purity and precisely formulated Diatomaceous Earth products for your diverse requirements. Stellar Exports is committed to delivering excellent quality and high-grade DE to our valued customers worldwide.

  • Purity and Quality

    As the leading Diatomaceous Earth supplier, we adhere to strict quality control to ensure purity and quality DE. We source raw materials from trusted vendors and sustainable and high-quality deposits, providing minimal ecological footprints while offering our customers high-quality DE.

  • Expertise and experience

    With years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we are committed to delivering excellent quality in all our batches and the highest possible standards.

  • Application-specific customization

    We cater to diverse industries requests with properties optimized for your requirements. We tailor our DE products for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. So whether it is agriculture, pharmaceuticals or pest control, Stellar Exports is your one-stop solution for Diatomaceous Earth requirements.

  • Compliance with regulations and certifications

    We firmly believe in complying with all regulations issued by the concerned authorities and states. We possess the relevant certifications in compliance with the industry norms and regulations. Additionally, we are well-versed with global compliance standards.

  • Packaging requirements

    Our services go beyond offering just products. As a trusted Diatomaceous Earth exporter in Uzbekistan, we provide flexible packaging options for our customers to opt for bulk shipments and packaging per their specific requirements.


Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is a naturally occurring sedimentary stone. It is composed of fossils of aquatic organisms called Diatoms. These fossil shells are grounded into a fine powder commonly used in various industries.

The Diatomaceous Earth manufacturer in Uzbekistan offers this natural product with diverse applications in different industries. It is used as a natural insecticide and pest control, filtration for water treatment, dietary supplements for humans and animals, printing and coating, etc.

DE is available in different grades to meet specific requirements. The Diatomaceous Earth manufacturer offers mainly industrial and food-grade DE. The other grades are agricultural, feed, pool, and others.

There are various sellers that offer DE of different grades. Regarding safety and quality, opt for a trusted and reliable Diatomaceous Seller that provides DE of the highest purity and properties optimized to suit your specific needs. Stellar Exports is a leading Diatomaceous Manufacturing company in Uzbekistan that caters to diverse business requirements. To learn more about our chemical and mineral-based products, call us or request a quote.

The Diatomaceous suppliers in Uzbekistan recommend storing DE in a cool place. It is best to keep it away from moisture to prevent clumping. When appropriately stored, DE has a long shelf life.