Ferric Chloride Supplier in Angola

If you are looking for the finest quality Ferric Chloride, look no further than Stellar Exports. We are a prominent Ferric Chloride exporter and supplier in Angola and based in the UAE. We provide high-purity Ferric Chloride with a chemical formula of FeCl3, and its CAS is 7705-08-0. We are acknowledged worldwide for precise composition, high-purity ferric chloride produced with pure chemicals and advanced manufacturing facilities, and the latest equipment per set industry norms. We offer Ferric Chloride of high grade, accurate composition and long shelf-life.

As a leading Ferric Chloride manufacturer in Angola, we understand the importance of delivering products that conform to the specific requirements of our valued customers. This is why our dedicated team monitors every step of the manufacturing process to ensure consistent product quality. So whether you need Ferric Chloride for water treatment, chemical synthesis, process regulators, or any other applications, we offer Ferric Chloride to meet your specific requirements.

Ferric Chloride Manufacturer

Product Description

Ferric Chloride Iron(III) Chloride and Iron chloride appear to be a colourless to light brown solution, an industrial-grade chemical compound. It has a slight hydrochloric acid smell. It is non-flammable and is highly corrosive to various metals. We offer Ferric Chloride in Regeant grade and Technical Grade. It is available in liquid and crystalline powder form. It is produced through direct chlorination due to dry chlorine with scrap iron at 500 to 700 degrees Celsius. As a trusted Ferric Chloride seller, our products are known for their exceptional purity, effectiveness and versatility, making them ideal for various applications. It is a vital chemical used in various industries like water treatment, dye manufacturing, ceramic industries, sewage treatment, etc.

Key Features of Ferric Chloride

  • It is highly soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is acidic.
  • It is hygroscopic in nature, making it excellent at absorbing moisture from the air.
  • Its catalytic properties enable the synthesis of complex molecules with efficiency and accuracy.
  • It has microbial solid properties, making it ideal as an effective sterilizing and disinfectant agent.

Applications of Ferric Chloride

Stellar Exports is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Ferric Chloride. At Stellar Exports, we provide Ferric Chloride and other chemical compounds to various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, textile, agriculture, paint and other industries for diverse industrial applications.

  • Water Treatment

    It is widely used for water treatment. It is employed as a coagulant to eliminate impurities and other particles from drinking and wastewater. It forms flocs that speed up sedimentation, making the water cleaner and free from impurities.

  • Etching Agent

    The Ferric Chloride sellers also serve the electronic industry. The ferric Chloride is used as a common etching agent for producing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). It removes copper from the board, creating intricate paths and patterns for the circuits.

  • Hemostatic Agent

    It is used in the pharmaceutical and medical fields as a hemostatic agent to stop excessive bleeding during surgical procedures.

  • Chemical Synthesis

    It is widely used to synthesise various chemical compounds.

  • Catalysis

    It is used to detect the presence of phenol compounds in organic compounds.

Why Choose the Leading Ferric Chloride Exporters?

Over the years, we have cemented our company as a well-established and prominent name in the chemical compound industry. Our Ferric Chloride is manufactured under strict quality control, and each batch is tested for its precise and accurate purity and optimum safety.

  • Quality Assurance

    As the leading Ferric Chloride exporters, we adhere to high-quality standards in our production process. We ensure that our products meet and exceed the industry specifications to offer consistency and reliability to our valued customers.

  • Technical Expertise

    We have a dedicated team of skilled and experienced professionals with technical expertise in chemical manufacturing. This makes us capable of understanding the specific requirements of different applications and formulating the products accordingly.

  • Complied to Regulations-

    We have a robust quality control process throughout the production of our process to ensure compliance with domestic and international regulations and norms.

  • Technical Support and Consultations

    At Stellar Exports, we offer our cherished customers technical support and consultation services for the optimal use of Ferric Chloride for your specific applications.

  • Application-specific Customization

    As a reliable Ferric Chloride manufacturing company, we understand the unique requirements of Ferric Chloride. This is why we offer application-specific customization to tailor the products specifications, concentrations, and formulations to meet specific requirements. Whether water treatment, PCB etching or catalysis applications, we've got you covered!

  • Global Reach

    We have a global presence with solid logistic networks and efficient operations for a consistent and standardised supply worldwide. Customers can reply for timely delivery and competitive pricing, resulting in a streamlined supply chain.


The Ferric Chloride manufacturers offer this chemical compound with a chemical formula of FeCl3 consisting of chlorine and iron. It can range from light to dark brown crystalline solid that is often used in solution form. It is commonly used as a coagulant for water treatments, chemical catalysts and different industrial applications.

This chemical compound is produced by the leading Ferric Chloride Manufacturer in Angola. It is typically produced by the reaction of iron with chlorine gas. The resulting chemical compound is later purified and processed into various forms.

Ferric Chloride is known to be corrosive in nature, and it can irritate the eyes, skin and the respiratory system. The Ferric Chloride suppliers recommend handling it with utmost care and under safety and precaution measures like safety and protective equipment.

Ferric Chloride can be reactive with other chemicals with strong bases and reducing agents. It is crucial to be aware of the potential reaction when handling Ferric chloride for different applications.

Ferric Chloride is extensively used as a coagulant in water treatment plants. It helps to precipitate contaminants and impurities, making it easier to eliminate these pollutants and suspended particles through filtration.