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Stellar Exports is a prominent Magnesium Chloride Exporterand Supplier in Guatemala and based in the UAE. We provide superior-quality magnesium chloride in technical, pure, and laboratory reagent grades (LR grade). Our range of Magnesium Chloride is produced by employing the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure high quality and precise purity. We are committed to exceptional purity and consistency by adhering to stringent quality control measures throughout the production process. Our range of Magnesium Chloride is well-known for its high purity, effectiveness and consistency, ensuring optimal results for specific applications. We boast consistent quality Magnesium Chloride as each batch is tested on all quality parameters and provides the highest industry standards.

As leading Magnesium Chloride exporters and suppliers in Guatemala, we understand the importance of consistency and reliability; our robust and global distribution and logistics network ensures prompt delivery globally. With our rich industry experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have become the go-to supplier of Magnesium Chloride worldwide. So whether you need magnesium chloride dust control, de-icing, wind erosion mitigation, food additives, paper manufacturing, or pharmaceutical applications, To learn more about the technical and commercial aspects of our Magnesium Chloride, mail us at

Magnesium Chloride Manufacturer

Product Description

Magnesium Chloride is a versatile chemical compound with MgCl2. It is salt that is highly soluble in water, ensuring easy integration into various solutions. Our range of magnesium chloride is strategically designed by sourcing premium-quality raw materials and processing them with the utmost precision. We offer this high-quality Magnesium Chloride in LR grade, Technical grade, food grade and pure grade. This white crystalline chemical compound is available in crystals and flakes with 99.5% max purity and pH values ranging from 4.5 to 7.0. Our Magnesium Chloride exhibits impressive hygroscopic properties, making it ideal for maintaining dry and dust-free conditions.

Being a trusted Magnesium Chloride seller, we are committed to quality reflected in all our batches of Magnesium Chloride, ensuring purity and efficacy. We aim to offer Magnesium Chloride that exceeds all your expectations and provides the utmost satisfaction for all your specific needs. Choose Magnesium Chloride grade for its excellent solubility, impressive dissolving properties and outstanding results.

Key Features of Magnesium Chloride

  • Our range of Magnesium Chloride has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory qualities, making it suitable for pharmaceutical and personal care applications.
  • It exhibits excellent hygroscopic properties, which allows it to attract water molecules.
  • It has a high melting point, making it ideal for dicing roads, pavements and sidewalks.
  • It possesses exceptional water solubility, allowing easy integration into various applications like pharmaceuticals, food processing and others.
  • Its high degree of stability makes it suitable for various chemical reactions, industrial reactions, and industrial processes.

Applications of Magnesium Chloride

  • De-icingt

    One of the primary uses of magnesium chloride is in de-icing applications. It is used on roads, highways, sidewalks and footpaths during snowy and icy conditions to melt snow and prevent accidents.

  • Water Treatment

    Various industries rely on Magnesium Chloride suppliers for water treatment systems. It is used as a coagulant to help remove impurities and suspended particles. Additionally, it serves as a flocculant in wastewater processes.

  • Fire Retardants

    Magnesium Chloride is widely used as a fireproofing agent and construction material. It serves as a binding agent in the production of fire-retardant materials.

  • Dust Control

    The Magnesium Chloride hygroscopic property attracts moisture from the air, making it suitable for suppressing dust on construction sites and unpaved roads.

  • Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Productions-

    It is widely used in the production of personal care and pharmaceutical products. It is used in the synthesis of magnesium supplements and medications.

Why Choose the Leading Magnesium Chloride Exporters?

At Stellar Exports, we have cemented ourselves as industry leaders with our rich experience and commitment to superior products. We prioritise consistency and integrity in our production process. With our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated team, we ensure the highest quality standards.

  • Adherence to high-quality standards

    As leading Magnesium Chloride manufacturers, we adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure every batch of our Magnesium Chloride meets the set industry standards. Our dedication to quality and safety ensures that our valued clients get reliable, high-purity chemicals.

  • Rich Experience

    We take pride in our experience and expertise. This extensive expertise allows us to understand the different needs of various industries and deliver the highest quality Magnesium Chloride to suit unique requirements.

  • Cater to diverse requirements

    We understand that every industry has unique requirements. This is why we tailor our chemical in terms of formulations, compositions and other technical specifications to meet the diverse requirements of various sectors.

  • Outstanding Customer Support

    Our focus core has always been customer satisfaction. Our dedicated support team provides assistance, addresses all inquiries and concerns and helps you find the most suitable Magnesium chloride grade for your applications. By choosing the top Magnesium Chloride suppliers in Guatemala, you are assured of a seamless experience right from inquiry to after-sales service.


Magnesium Chloride is a chemical composed of chlorine and magnesium with the chemical formula MgCl2. It is primarily derived from seawater and brine deposits.

The Magnesium Chloride suppliers provide this versatile compound for various applications across different sectors. It is widely used as a de-icing agent in snowy regions, dust control for unpaved roads and construction sites, coagulant in food processing, pharmaceutical and personal care products, and other uses.

Magnesium Chloride is highly effective as a de-icing agent in snowy regions. It is spread over snow, lowering the freezing point of water and preventing ice from forming. It has a lesser impact on the environment as it is less corrosive to metal and concrete, unlike most of the other salts.

Stellar Exports is a prominent Magnesium Chloride manufacturing company in Guatemala. We have a reliable track record and extensive industry experience and are committed to offering high-quality chemicals to our cherished clients. Call us at +916356012323 or reach us at to know more about chemicals.

When handling Magnesium Chloride, it is best to follow the Magnesium Chloride manufacturers instructions to prevent any adverse effects. It is recommended to wear protective gear like a mask, gloves and goggles to avoid contact with skin and eyes. Additionally, Magnesium Chloride needs to be stored in a dry and well-ventilated area away from incompatible material.