Maize Starch Powder Supplier in China

Stellar Exports is a leading Maize Starch Powder supplier and Exporter in China and based in the UAE. We produce superior-quality maize starch powder derived from corn and maize kernels. We offer Maize starch powder in Food grade, textile grade, and Industrial grade. Our maize starch powder exhibits excellent binding, thickening, and stabilizing properties, making it a preferred choice for food, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. At our advanced manufacturing facility, we adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure our superior-grade maize powder meets international standards.

Over the years, we have always strived to deliver high-quality, reliable products to our esteemed customers. With rich industry experience, we specialize in the production of Maize starch powder of consistent quality, precise composition, and at competitive prices. Our core focus is offering excellent customer service and assistance at every stage of your process. So whether you need Maize Starch Powder for food processing, pharmaceutical formulation, or industrial application, we are a trusted supplier of Maize Starch Powder. To learn more about the technical and commercial aspects of our Maize Starch Powder, mail us at

Maize Starch Powder Manufacturer

Product Description

Maize Starch Powder is a fine powder that is derived from high-quality maize or corn kernels. The maize starch is obtained from the endosperm of corn kernel. It is odourless, tasteless and highly versatile starch powder with low protein and ash content. Maize consists of almost 71% starch. We separate the starch by corn wet milling, which is followed by steeping, purifying, grinding, and drying processes. Our Maize starch powder exhibits excellent physio-chemical properties. We offer the following grades of Maize Starch Powder:

  • Maize Starch Powder Food Grade
  • Maize Starch Powder Industrial Grade
  • Maize Starch Powder Pharmaceutical Grade

Key Features of Maize Starch Powder

  • Our Maize Starch Powder has excellent thickening ability.
  • It exhibits high viscosity, which makes it ideal for thickening soups, sauces, and gravies.
  • As a prominent Maize Starch Powder manufacturer and seller, our versatile maize starch has exceptional stability even at high temperatures and pH levels.
  • It has superior binding properties that make it an essential ingredient in tablets and capsules.
  • Its binding capabilities ensure consistent integrity and shape of the medicines.
  • It demonstrates excellent versatility, stability, and reliable performance for diverse applications.

Applications of Maize Starch Powder

As one of the leading Maize starch powder suppliers in China, we take pride in offering maize starch powder with exceptional thickening, stabilizing, and binding properties that make it an essential component in various industries. We manufacture our Maize Starch Powder from premium quality maize to ensure its purity and effectiveness in different applications.

  • Application in Food Industries

    It is widely used as a thickening agent to enhance the texture and taste of soups, sauces, gravies, and desserts. It is also used as a binding and stabilizer agent in dairy products.

  • Baking

    Its ability to withstand high temperatures helps to improve and extend the shelf life of baked products.

  • Pharmaceutical

    The Maize Starch Powder sellers provide this versatile compound to the pharma sector. Its excellent binding property ensures the integrity of the tablets and capsules.

  • Textiles

    Maize Starch powder is employed in the textiles industry to provide stiffness and enhance the print quality of fabrics.

  • Paper manufacturing

    It is used as a binder and adhesive in papermaking to improve paper strength and smoothness.

Why choose the leading Maize Starch Powder exporters?

Stellar Exports is a prominent Maize Starch Powder manufacturing company in Gujarat. Over the years, we have served various industries domestically and globally with our comprehensive range of chemical compounds and minerals products at competitive prices. We have provided our expert advice to our valued customers to choose the best grade of Maize Starch Powder that suits their applications. Our dedicated team is sure to offer you assistance with your requirements.

  • Unparallel quality

    Over the years, Stellar Exports has become a renowned name in the chemical and mineral Industry. We have extensive experience and expertise in this industry. This enables us to understand the complexities of producing high-quality products that meet global standards, so with the best Maize Starch Powder, you can be assured of reliable and superior-quality products.

  • Reliability

    We are committed to delivering products of unmatched quality. We employ advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control measures to ensure consistency and purity in every batch of maize starch powder to suit your desired applications.

  • Competitive pricing

    We strive to provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. At Stellar EXports, we understand the importance of value for money and reliability without compromising on quality.

  • Customization Capabilities

    We specialize in application-specific customization for our Maize Starch Powder to suit our requirements. We tailor the Maize starch as per demand, whether it is for pharmaceuticals, food, paper, textiles, and others.

  • Application-based Formulation

    We offer customization in terms of formulation, enhanced purity, modified solvent strength, and specific properties to meet particular applications.

  • Compliance with Regulation

    As a reputed and well-known Maize Starch manufacturing company, we comply with relevant quality and safety certifications to produce safe and high-quality products.


Maize Starch Powder is a fine white powder that is tasteless and odourless. It is derived from the kernels of high-quality corn and maize. It is typically used as a thickening, stabilizing, and binding agent in different industrial and food applications.

The Maize Starch manufacturers produce corn starch by extracting kernels of maize and corn through a wet milling process. This process involves steeping the corn in water, separating various components, and later drying and processing the starch.

Various industries rely on the suppliers of Maize starch for different applications. It is widely used as a thickening agent in food items such as sauces, gravies, and soups. It is also used for various industrial applications like textiles, paper, and adhesives.

Yes. Maize Starch powder is naturally gluten-free, which makes it ideal for people with dirty restrictions and gluten sensitivity.

The Maize Starch producers in Gujarat recommend storing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight exposure and moisture. This prevents clumping and ensures an extended shelf life.