Polyanionic Cellulose Supplier in France

Stellar Exports is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of oil drilling fluid chemicals like Polyanionic Cellulose or PAC. We specialize in providing an array of PAC polymers. Our comprehensive range of PACs is formulated using standard-quality raw materials at our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, ensuring excellent performance and consistency. As a prominent Polyanionic Cellulose supplier, this additive is demanded by diverse industries across the globe. Over the years, we have served various sectors with superior-quality Polyanionic Cellulose, such as drilling fluids, oil and gas, paper manufacturing, textiles, construction, chemical processing, etc.

As one of the largest Exporter of Polyanionic Cellulose in France and based in the UAE, we have always prioritized quality and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team ensures that every Polyanionic Cellulose batch meets the highest quality levels. Our wide distribution network across the globe enables us to deliver high-quality PACs within the time frame at competitive prices. To learn more about the technical and commercial aspects of our Polyanionic Cellulose, mail us at sales@stellar-exports.com

Polyanionic Cellulose Manufacturer

Product Description

Polyanionic Cellulose or PAC is a water-soluble natural cellulose ether derivative prepared from chemical modification. It appears in a white or light colour in powdered and granules form. It is odourless, tasteless and non-toxic polymer. This chemical compound has unique properties make it highly suitable for various applications. It gets easily dissolved in water and has excellent heat stability and salt tolerance. Its viscosity ranges from low to high, with desirable viscosity in between.

Various industries worldwide rely on Polyanionic Cellulose suppliers for high-quality PAC for their diverse applications. Our highly versatile PAC is developed by experts with extensive chemical expertise and adheres to strict quality standards to ensure purity and effectiveness.

Key Features of Polyanionic Cellulose

  • Our PAC is highly soluble in water, making it an excellent additive.
  • It offers exceptional control over viscosity, fluid loss, and filtration control, making it crucial in drilling fluids, cementing, and well-completion processes.
  • It exhibits excellent stability to withstand high temperatures and high salinity.
  • It drastically minimises fluid loss and improves filtration control to prevent formation damage.
  • It is strong and has antibacterial properties.

Applications of Polyanionic Cellulose

As a leading polyanionic cellulose supplier in France and based in the UAE, Stellar Exports takes pride in delivering consistent and quality-driven chemical comineral-basmpounds and ed products to our valued customers. Our expert team has extensive cellulose chemistry expertise and employs stringent quality parameters to meet your specific requirements. Our comprehensive range of PACs is tailored to meet specific industry needs.

  • Oil and Gas Industry

    PAC is commonly employed as a drilling fluid additive, exhibiting excellent fluid loss control and filtration properties. It helps to stabilize the well, prevent fluid migration, and minimize formation damage.

  • Construction industry

    Polyanionic Cellulose is used as a cement additive to enhance the rheological properties of concrete mixtures. PAC improves workability, minimizes water loss, and enhances concrete structures' overall strength and durability.

  • Food Industry

    It is utilized as a stabilizer, thickness, and emulsifier in food products. It ensures the desired texture and viscosity.

  • Pharmaceutical applications

    PAC is a binder in medicines formulation, facilitating cohesive compaction and preventing fragmentation.

  • Water Treatment

    PAC is utilized as a flocculant in water treatment systems. It helps to remove suspended particles, organic matter, and contaminants to clarify and purify the water.

Why choose the leading Polyanionic Cellulose exporters?

Stellar Exports is a prominent name in the chemical compound industry. We have developed our range of PACs to suit various applications. Our PAC exhibits valuable properties like high water solubility, thickening and stabilizing capabilities, filtration control, and chemical stability, and is compatible with other additives. Our wide distribution networks allow us to deliver our product promptly to customers worldwide.

  • Quality Assurance

    As a leading exporter of PAC, we adhere to stringent quality control throughout the process to ensure consistent and high-quality chemical compounds.

  • Extensive experience

    With years of experience in the chemical manufacturing industry, we have rich expertise and knowledge in producing Polyanionic Cellulose. Our dedicated team of experts is well-equipped to deliver bulk orders to ensure smooth operations and prompt delivery.

  • A comprehensive range of products

    We provide a diverse range of Polyanionic Cellulose products to meet your different requirements. So whether you need low-viscosity, high-viscosity, or high-purity PAC, we cater to all your needs.

  • Application Specific customization

    We have the expertise to formulate PACs as per your desired properties and applications. For example, to improve PAC resistance to high-temperature crosslinking agents are incorporated into the PAC. We can tailor PAC products by adjusting the degree of substitution and adding additives to meet specific requirements.

  • Competitive pricing-

    Being the leading exporters, we offer competitive pricing for our PAC products, as we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. This is why we strive to provide you with the best value for your money without compromising on quality.

  • Global Reach

    Our extensive global network allows us to efficiently ship products to different places around the globe. Our reliable logistics ensure prompt and hassle-free delivery.


Polyanionic Cellulose, or PAC, is a water-soluble natural cellulose derivative. It is chemically modified to introduce negatively charged groups to make it a polyanionic chemical compound. Its unique features make it suitable for various industries such as oil drilling, construction, food processing, pharmaceuticals, mining, etc.

The Polyanionic Cellulose suppliers in Gujarat provide this highly versatile compound to different industries for diverse uses. It is primarily used as a fluid control agent in drilling operations, a viscosity enhancer, a stabilizer in drilling, and other applications. PAC helps to minimize fluid loss, enhance viscosity, and improve the stability of drilling mud.

Stellar Exports is a leading polyanionic cellulose supplier in France. We specialize in drilling fluids and related products. To know more about our PAC products and technical specifications, call us at +916356012323 or mail us at sales@stellar-exports.com

The Polyanionic Cellulose sellers offer PAC in various forms, such as powdered and fluids. The choice of PAC form depends on customers' specific applications and preferences.

While PAC is generally considered safe, it is important to follow the PAC manufacturers instructions while handling it. It is recommended to wear protective gear to avoid inhalation of dust particles and prevent contact with eyes and skin.