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Stellar Exports is a leading supplier and export Sulphuric acid in Malta and based in the UAE. We offer superior-quality Sulphuric acid at competitive prices. We manufacture our broad range of sulphuric Acids with high-quality raw materials to meet international standards. We are renowned for our expertise in producing high-purity sulphuric acid to ensure excellent quality and consistency in your specific applications. We deliver these chemical compounds with exceptional purity, acidity and stability.

As a prominent Sulfuric acid Manufacturer in Malta, we take pride in serving customers globally with our versatile sulfuric acid range. We ensure a safe and efficient production process with advanced manufacturing facilities and innovative technology. So whether you use Sulphuric acid for industrial applications like petroleum refining, wastewater treatment, chemical synthesis, fertiliser production or other applications, we cater to all your requirements. We offer our valued customers tailor-made solutions to meet specific demands and needs. To learn more about the technical and commercial aspects of our Sulphuric Acid, mail us at

Sulphuric Acid Manufacturer

Product Description

Sulphuric acid is also known as Vitroil and has the molecular formula H2S04. It is a strong mineral acid soluble in all types of water concentrations. It is composed of elements such as sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen. It is a colourless, odourless and syrupy solution when diluted in water in a highly exothermic reaction. It has excellent dehydrating and oxidising properties. Our high-purity sulphuric acid is manufactured with accurate composition and pH value to optimize processes and enhance the overall performance of the end product or application.

As leading sulphuric acid suppliers, our versatile and reliable chemical compound is extensively used in fertilizer production, ore processing, oil refining, wastewater treatment, chemical synthesis, acid-lead batteries and other applications. We adhere to stringent quality control measures to deliver sulphuric acid of the finest quality to customers globally.

Key Features of Sulphuric Acid

  • It exhibits hygroscopic properties, making it ideal for absorbing water and other solvents.
  • It is highly corrosive and has the ability to dissolve materials such as ceramics, metals and organic compounds.
  • The Sulfuric Acid suppliers in Malta deliver this chemical compound with strong acidic properties that find applications in industries like fertilizers, detergents, petroleum refining, etc.
  • It is a powerful dehydrating agent that can quickly eliminate water molecules from forming compounds.

Applications of Sulphuric Acid

Stellar Exports is a trusted and reliable manufacturer and exporter of Sulphuric Acid. Our sulphuric acid is greatly appreciated for its accurate chemical compositions and quality. We source raw materials from trusted vendors to produce sulphuric acid of standard quality. We deliver Sulphuric Acid 98% at competitive prices within the pre-determined time frame to avoid disruption.

  • Fertilizer manufacturing

    It is a vital component in producing fertilizers such as ammonium, superphosphate and phosphoric acid. The agriculture sector relies on Sulphuric acid sellers for their products to enhance crop yields and growth.

  • Petroleum refining

    it is used as a catalyst and dehydrating agent in the alkylation process to produce gasoline, refine crude oil, and purify petroleum products.

  • Wastewater treatment

    Sulphuric acid is used as a pH regulator in wastewater treatment processes. It helps to neutralize alkaline water and eliminate metal ions and impurities from industrial wastewater.

  • Chemical synthesis

    It is widely used in several chemical synthesis processes. It works as a dehydrating agent, a resulting reaction that involves the removal of water molecules. Additionally used in production of dyes, synthetic resins, detergents, pigments, etc.

  • Metal processing

    It is used in the pickling process to remove scale and oxides from the surface of metals like iron and steel for further processing, galvanizing, or coating.

Why choose the leading Sulfuric Acid exporters?

As a leading Sulfuric Acid exporter in Malta, we boast extensive industry knowledge and expertise in the chemical compound industry. Our rich experience and expertise enable us to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers consistently. We understand customers' unique requirements domestically and globally, which is why we strive to cater to all the needs of different industries with precisely formulated Sulphuric acid. Our dedicated support teams aim to understand your needs and offer assistance throughout the process.

  • Quality Assurance

    When you choose the best sulphuric acid manufacturers in Malta you can be sure of the highest quality Sulphuric Acid. With a robust production process, we ensure our products meet industry standards.

  • Technical support and expertise

    Our team of experts provide technical support and assistance that can help optimise processes and provide valuable industry insights.

  • Global Reach

    We have a solid international distribution network and efficient logistics. This helps us serve customers worldwide and ensure prompt delivery and rescue disruptions.

  • Tailored solutions

    Being a global sulfuric acid supplier, we offer customized solutions to meet specific industrial needs. So, if you need a particular concentration, composition, properties, or packaging, We’ve got you covered!


Sulphuric Acid is a highly corrosive chemical compound with the molecular formula H2S04. Its strong base is colourless and odourless and has wide applications in different industries.

The Sulphuric acid sellers serve various industries for diverse applications. It is commonly used to produce fertilizers, dyes, pigments and detergents. It is also used in petroleum refining and wastewater treatment.

Various Leading Sulphuric Acid manufacturers in Gujarat offer sulphuric acid in different concentrations. They offer dilute solutions of 30 to 35% concentration to higher concentration viz 98% for industrial processes.

Stellar Exports is a leading Sulfuric Acid manufacturer, supplier and exporter based in Malta and UAE. We can cater to the domestic and global requirements of sulphuric acid for various industrial applications. To learn more about our chemical compounds and mineral-based products, To learn more about our chemical compounds and mineral-based products, call us today at +916356012323 to discuss your sulfuric acid requirements and how we can add value to your processes and products.

It is best to read the sulfuric acid manufacturer instructions while working with it. They recommend wearing protective equipment like gloves and goggles and avoiding contact with eyes and skin. If accidentally spilled, it should be neutralized quickly.