Urea Fertilizer Supplier in Peru

Stellar Exports is a leading Urea Exporter Company in Peru and based in the UAE. Backed with rich industry knowledge and experience, we provide high-quality Urea fertilizers. The Urea fertilizer is formulated with high-grade chemical compounds under the supervision of our professional team at our modern manufacturing unit.

As a urea supplier in Peru, our Urea fertiliser is used as an essential raw material in chemical industries, crop nutrition, soil amendment, foliar applications, animal feed supplements, environmental applications and more.

Urea Fertilizer Manufacturer

Product Description

Urea is a nitrogen-based fertilizer with a chemical formula of (NH2)2CO. Urea is a white crystalline solid with a proportionally high nitrogen content. It is usually odourless, highly soluble and practically non-toxic. The urea fertilizer is not alkaline, nor is it acidic. Its neutral pH level makes it adaptive to all kinds of soils. The manufacturing of urea fertilizer in white crystalline compounds comprises a proportionate compound mixture with more than one nutrient and almost 46% nitrogen. Features of Urea Fertilzer:

Key Features of Urea Fertilizer

  • It has a superior nitrogen content.
  • It is non-flammable and easy to transport.
  • It has a neutral pH level and is suited for different plants and crops.
  • It is versatile and suited for different types of soils.
  • It has a long shelf life
  • It is optimally packed for effective use

Applications of Urea Fertilizer

As one of the largest Urea manufacturers in Gujarat, we serve various industries for their diverse and unique applications. Urea is versatile and widely used for different applications. Here are some of the key applications:

  • Crop Nutrition

    As Urea is a concentrated nitrogen source, it gives crops the essential nutrients for enhanced development and growth. It can used for a wide range of crops, including vegetables and fruits.

  • Soil Amendment

    Urea having a neutral pH level does not change the soil structure, as it is not alkaline or acidic. The export of urea from Peru is mainly demanded to improve soil structure and microbial activity.

  • Foliar Applications

    Urea has quick absorption properties, making it ideal to be used as a foiler spray where a rapid nitrogen boost is required.

  • Blending with other fertilizers

    It can be easily mixed with other fertilizers to make customized formulations for unique nutrient requirements.

  • Nitrogen source for industrial applications

    The urea supplier in Peru is immensely popular for their Urea Fertilizers, as it is used as a raw material for producing different chemicals, including resins, adhesives and plastics.

  • Environmental applications

    Urea is a solid granular fertilizer used for environmental applications like stimulating nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil.

Benefits of Urea Fertilizers

The urea manufacturers in Gujarat are widely demanded for their Urea fertilizers due to their benefits that contribute to enhanced crop performance and improved yields.

  • High nitrogen content

    Ureas has high nitrogen content, making it an efficient nutrient source for the crops. It is also essential for protein synthesis and overall growth.

  • Cost-effective

    Urea fertilizer is one of the most affordable nitrogen-based fertilisers. It allows users to ensure optimum nutrient availability without straining financial resources.

  • Easy to use

    The urea supplier in Peru offers urea fertilizers in granular form that make mixing it in the soil easy. It can be applied using traditional and modern agricultural equipment, making fertilizing easier.

  • Longer nutrient release

    The urea fertilizer has a slow-release mechanism. So once it is released into the soil. It gradually breaks down. This property ensures a controlled nutrient availability to crops, avoiding the need for frequent fertilization.

Urea Exporters In Peru: Meeting Global Demands

We are one of the leading urea exporters in india and based in the UAE. With State-of-the-art facilities and advanced manufacturing techniques, we ensure the highest-quality Urea fertilisers reach domestic and international markets. We adhere to strict quality measures so the end-users get urea fertilisers that are potent and effective for crop development and enhancement.

We at Stellar Exports proved to be significant Urea fertilizers from Peru that cater to customers worldwide by supplying top-quality Urea Fertilizers for unique requirements. We meet the demand for this crucial agricultural input with an efficient supply chain and competitive pricing.

As one of the largest urea suppliers in Peru, our team of professionals is well-versed in equipment, systems, and knowledge to meet international standards. We offer a superior range of Urea with the latest manufacturing technology and top-grade raw materials. As reliable and trusted urea manufacturers and suppliers, we guarantee our cherished customers the highest quality level. Our core focus is to offer our customers high-quality products at the best prices.


The urea fertilizer can be purchased as prills or granular forms. Earlier, it was manufactured by dropping the liquid form of urea from the prilling tower as the product dried. Later, the prills formed smaller and softer substances than the other materials that were used to blend in the fertilizers. Today, Urea fertilizer Manufacturer in Peru produces Urea fertilizers in granular form that are big and hard, along with being weather resistant. This type of Urea fertilizer is suitable for blending with other fertilizers.

While Urea Feritizer is not flammable or explosive, it should be stored safely to avoid any quality deterioration. As the leading urea exporters in Peru, we advise avoiding using small or fast-moving augers to move the urea fertilizers. This is because granular urea fertilizers can break due to abrasion; belt conveyors are the best equipment to move the urea fertilizers. Additionally, avoid storing urea along with Ammonium nitrate.

During warm weather, the nitrogen from the urea can be lost if it remains on the soil surface for a longer period of time. The urea exporters in Peru suggest the best and most effective way to use urea is to incorporate it into the soil during the tilt operations. It can also be blended in the soil with irrigation water.

The export of urea from Peru is known for its versatility and superior quality. Urea fertilizers are used in various industries for diverse applications. Here are some of its uses:

  • Fertilizer
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical uses
  • Food and beverages
  • Environmental uses
  • Can I use urea fertilizer in my garden?

Urea fertilizers act as a nourishment source for crops. They are safe and beneficial for fruit and vegetable growth. It consists of high nitrogen content crucial for the plants' growth and overall development.